Inextricably Caught in Two Worlds (Page 232)

At first, I thought, ‘may be our culture and language alien to them; surely not after ruling India for 300 years.’ One would think their curiosity safely indulged. It was no secret meticulous Victorians, in India, made effort to learn Hindi, Punjabi and Gujarati, married Indian women and bravely faced adventures of offspring, commonly known Chichi. In the movie Bhowani Junction, Ava Gardner portrays Eurasian Victoria Jones beautifully. In British Kenya most wazungu showed surprising apathy towards this important social issue. “What a pity!” said educated Indians. I was sure by no means the English deficient in natural taste. They never gave or took opportunity to socialize with Indians openly, and yet expected us ‘we be just like them.’ The middle class Indians approached with adroit finesse. “If you can’t beat them, join them.” Those proficient acknowledged the Duke schooling prepared Indian generation.