Rhythm of the Rain (Page 538)

I was unsure of Pam going to Australia, but had to anticipate she might start a new life there. Was she ready to wrap up everything in London? My behaviour tested the intimacy and our future in marriage. She must have experienced dependability and new frequency play havoc with her feelings instead. Could she bear the burden? If I am ignored my self-esteem drops at the lowest level. I could imagine the rush on her within minutes of my declaration. Pam was certain she had to make a decision. I was sure the moment brought in fresh surprise and a matter of delicacy. How would she fathom it? The rest of coming days and nights hardly are enough for her thoughts. Pam knew I took a great fancy to her from the day we met. The first time I saw Pamela’s face, I was thunderstruck. I could not take my eyes off a classically beautiful woman. That was almost eight years ago. “On my return from Spain, we will talk about it.” Her words brought me a felicity that I expected. “All I do is dream about you, until you come back home in a week,” I said, and gave her hand back and kissed her. She waved as I crossed Marylebone Road by encouragement which my confession of intimacy met with; the effect was agreeable.