Rita Hayworth – Gilda (Page 194)

“So Khojas connect Mohammed lineage through Fatima, his daughter?” Nari asked, reserving Khoja doubts – Muslim relationship. It made no sense to him. “Why? Do you suspect Khojas fakes Mohammed umbilical cord?” I asked. “Are you suggesting they are a riddle?”

“If it is true, how come people outside Khoja community ignorant about Imam hierarchy inner roads?” Nari wanted explanation. “Unaccountable in the main stream, Khojas are charming, but not open to exemplary nature of community. Perhaps, to solidify let mystery surround them. They arrive at politics and from there took an easy step to silence. I can relate to it. Why have lives probed? It’s obvious they want live. And let others let them live.” Nari had convinced himself that he was right. “Nari, I know a little of what inquiring minds interested to know: ‘Aga Khans collects hotty. The family, lives in Europe, seem gratified than they care to express. Their leader makes every effort to conceal details of public dealings. Aga Khan followers’ know little to have a say. Their assumption colours white represent purity and in race of darker complexion best to mix white race blood. Chasing celebrities considered a good sport and media anxiously feeds the need. Hollywood actress, elegant creature Rita Hayworth, daughter of Cansino, Spanish flamenco dancer and Irish-English mother married Prince Aly Khan, one of Imams.
“Share it,” said Nari, enthusiastically.
“I give them credit for the ingenuity of a kind. Their off springs may not become white face that of wazungu, but enough to make likely assertion among multiple brown faces.”